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Projects in Development or in Pre-production

  • Time Freeze (Drama)

  • N.W.O. (Action/Thriller) - a film by Tiago Mesquita

  • UNDER the EARTHQUAKE (Thriller)

  • The GIFTED Ones (Action Sci-Fi) - a film by Michael Winnick

  • Hope Falls (Western/Fantastic) - a film by Olivier Merckx

  • Bound to Serve (Comedy)

  • Infarctus: the secret diary of Terrence Mac Allister (Psychological Thriller) - by Frederico ARIU

  • Till the last blade (Historical - Epic)

  • ELECTRICITY (Action/Comedy)

  • Big Brother is Watching Monk (Adventure 3d)

  • The Trading Times (Romantic Thriller) - by George Klein

  • The Employer (Thriller)

  • Should the Wife Confess (Dark Comedy)

  • Hidden Faces (Thriller)

  • Marbie Star (Comedy)

  • Death and Cremation (Thriller)

  • Chinama's Chance (Western)

  • Akitu (Drama)

  • Hudud (Drama)

  • Serve the City (Documentary)

  • Dead Passion (Drama)

  • Hero/Zero (Live Action & Animation)

  • Un film avec une très bonne histoire (Comedy/Horror)

  • Messiah (Hitorical Drama)

  • The Art of Being Portuguese in Bruges (Mocumentary)

  • Budo (Martial Arts / Comedy)

  • The hair of the bold man (Comedy)

Project Completed or in post-production

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