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About Crafted Films

Crafted Films is a fully integrated structure combining production company, film financing and film studios (offering full production equipment “A to Z” and full post-production facilities).

One common denominator: uncompromised quality, cutting edge images and productions, carved with the passion and dedication of craftsmen or sculptors.

Present in Belgium, Portugal and USA (Los Angeles), specializes in Feature Films with the most original / thrilling / entertaining stories, stunning visuals, anchored by a world class cast.

As a production company Crafted Films benefits from the flexibility of having its own full array of equipment, enabling it to cover any feature film shoot and post-production, including a complete range of cinema cameras, cine lens packages, dollies, jibs, cranes, steadicams, complete lighting and grip packages, aerial shooting systems, sound post, picture editing, online editing, confo and color grading.


• Looking for outstanding theatrical feature film projects to co-produce and co-finance.

• Developing film slates and various partnerships. 

• Proposing our own movie projects in development to co-production and co-finance.

• Presenting to distribution some of our last completed feature films.

• Offering crew, full equipment and full services in all departments of production and post production.

• Production of feature films, commercials, documentaries, etc.